The Shakeups in Ponyville  are a power-pop band formed by singer/songwriter Patrick O'Connor. The band's sound fuses co-ed vocals, catchy melodies, art school atmospherics, and bristling energy. Featuring Patrick O'Connor (vocals, guitars), Bitsy Matatall (vocals, keyboards), Mike Rittenhouse (bass, vocals) and Steve Hinckley (drums, vocals).

​Emily Jones, Tayy Bohlen, and Sondra Weisberg are the hosts of Everfree Network's Pegasisters Live!  They will be broadcasting a special live podcast of Pegasister's Live straight from Cuteboom!  Emily and Tayy will also be our special hostesses in Cuteboom's very own Maid Cafe! Check out more of Emily and Tayy on the Pegasister's Live Twitter  page and on Everfree Radio 

Cuteboom invites you to come and participate in the convention that celebrates all things CUTE. Cute culture, couture, crafts, or cartoons! We are currently organizing a convention that will bring together fans in a cornucopia of cuteness!  Cuteboom is NOT just another anime convention!  It is an interactive community!  So, please use this website to share your creativity with others via the SUBMIT  link.  You can also join into the conversation on our FB Page !  Lastly, please join our MEETUP  page where you can come and hang out with other cool people who enjoy cute stuff!​

Thanks to our new Sponosors!

Special thanks to Perry Gripp  for the music! Thanks also to Matsuricon  and Kentokyocon  for letting us shoot footage at their conventions, to ReelVisual  Productions for shooting the video and everyone who participated!

The Atrium Hotel and Conference Center-Cincinnati, Ohio-April 24th-26th 2015

Shadow Clone is an entertainer born from the idea of having fun and enjoying one’s self above all else.  With a great passion for all things geeky, especially otaku culture, which he displays in several types of media; most notably in his music. Best known for his songs “The Ultimate Showdown of Anime Destiny” and “Damn It Feels Good to Cosplay” Shadow Clone continues to produce quality, entertaining Hip Hop music, and continues to stage epic fandom pleasing performances. Never miss a chance to participate in one of Shadow Clone’s interactive sets, attend a fun and shenanigan filled Shadow Clone panel, or hang out with Shadow Clone throughout a convention, and always remember to UNLEASH THE FRO!!!

Cuteboom Guests!

Miki Mizushima is Cuteboom's Guest Artist and guest maid for Cuteboom's Maid Cafe! Miki will be bringing her experience as Maid Ellie from a maid cafe in Japan called Afilia Magical Academy!  Be sure to visit Miki at her booth as well as during her panel on Japanese Maid Cafes!  Miki is also an excellent artist (she drew a version of our mascot Cherrybomb) and is aspiring to become a Manga-ka!

“Mic Check” Dennis Daniel is the host, editor and creator behind the popular Brony online radio program, “Canterlot Radio,” the program built by Bronies and FOR BRONIES. Since its’ launch in 2013, Mic Check and CR have taken the Brony fandom by storm with their unique brand of MLP-themed entertainment and growing outreach to their listeners and fans.

​Outside of the Brony fandom, Mic Check is the host of his own hit talk show, “The Dennis Daniel Show,” which features interviews with some of the biggest names in voice acting. Past guests have included Tom Kenny (Spongebob Squarepants), Veronica Taylor (Ash Ketchum), Henry Winkler (The Fonz) and WWE Superstar John Cena. 

Cuteboom welcomes Crescent Cafe as our Maid Cafe!!! We are so excited to have the maids and butler of this classy and sassy Louisville based Maid Cafe with us for our convention!  They are sure to bring alot of smiles and cuteness to our Cuteboom community! ^_^  

Visit and like Crescent Cafe on facebook!

Maddie (AKA Madster) is a long time cosplayer, but has fallen in love with cosplay photography over the past two years. She’s a Kentucky local, but travels to conventions all around the Southeast and Midwest shooting cosplayers of all levels. She’s super excited to come to Cuteboom and take some super cute photos of super cute people!

Youtuber Extrodinaire of the ultra cute channel Tabs24x7 Official!  Tabby loves cute things and sharing her adorable quirks and craziness with the rest of the world!  Native to Cincinnati but now lives on a farm in Kentucky with more animals on it than her toes and fingers and each one she considers as part of her family.  If you happen to see a Rainbow Dash at Cuteboom that just might be her!

DJ Luxumbra and DJ Wubba Dub will be bringing the party to our Cuteboom MasquRAVE and RAVE/Brony Dance Party!